Week #3 – Getting Good

This week had a fun design assignment. We got a little scenario about a company that monitors other company’s credit and were presented with one screen in the process of monitoring and were asked to redesign it based on a few factors. But we could ONLY sketch it on paper — not use any computer tools to do it. Here is how mine came out. What do you think?




I changed the radio buttons to check boxes and added information about the chosen company to be monitored.  It was pretty cool. My assignment hasn’t been graded yet, but hopefully I did ok.

The text books are insightful and luckily seem like common sense about how people think and what motivates them in relation to good design.  All very interesting!  Take a look at my UXD Pintrest board (another weekly assignment) and let me know what you think. Can you think of any “bad” designs that could use improvement? Here is a common one that got a pretty good redesign. It helps you understand what this program is all about (understanding people’s issues using things and coming up with good designs based on that input). I think there are plenty of opportunities out there…

Until next week,



One thought on “Week #3 – Getting Good

  1. Oops, my professor said I combined API calls of the +Add to Portfolio in a dialog box, which really can’t technically be done. But hey, there’s always the next version! And isn’t that a great feature? I’m just ahead of the game, as usual. (wink)


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