Week #4 – Workflows

This week’s assignment was fairly familiar and somewhat easy since we do workflows at work a lot.  I was glad that I was familiar with annotating a simple workflow and including system details, user information, and other details helpful designing, improving, and automating the process.

We were given details about the process that title inspectors do to collect documents and determine “free and clear” title status which is passed on to the insurance underwriter to create insurance policies for those free and clear.  Here is what I came up with.


the workflow

Image (2)

a screen

A shout out to my business process analysts who helped me know everything about workflows and annotations. Thanks PAs.

There is a lot of reading — a lot of interesting information about motivations about how users think, principals, and design to psychology information.  All really interesting, for us nerdy techy people.

There are some good presentation videos by our instructors that provide other information. This week we learned about bad workflows and design the flow of a task and considerations if users are familiar already (need less instruction) etc.

Here are a my new UXD Pinterest pins for this week:

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/23432860541334450/ 14 facts.. This one is a great reminder. We should read it before every new project/assignment. Yes, it’s true—Users are not always in the mood to read. I had to force myself to read them all just now. 😉

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/172262754466909246/  10 steps to personas. This one will be useful when we start getting more into these.  Unfortunately the link doesn’t go to the right web page, but the image is still chalk full of goodies.

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/13510867614037605/ Food/wine pairing. Ok, this wasn’t really about UXD but the design and simplicity stood out to me. It’s visually appealing and simple to understand.  Plus, you can learn about wine and food pairing—who doesn’t like that? 😉

MY FAVORITE: Uses creative design to make a simple to understand and interesting visual about food and wine pairing. Who wouldn’t like this, right! 


https://www.pinterest.com/pin/65583738302088161/ Design tips in an easy to understand format. Love this stuff since I’m a visual learner. Plus I’m not an artist or designer, in that artistic sense (more of a creative generalist) so sometimes these details are not in the top of mind for me. I need the help and reminders, in these cases.

Are you following my journey? Is it interesting? How am I doing, in your opinion? I’ve got a A as of week 4. Yeah! And I’m having a blast doing it too. Thanks for following along with me on my journey. Use the comments below to root for me and tell me your thoughts.



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