Week #7 – Aesthetics

Wow! Last week of first class already. That went fast.  One down, 11 classes to go.

This week we learned about color and aesthetics presentation (color modes, basic color theory and the remaining fundamental design principles) and their affect on usability. We learned a bunch like:

  • print (CMYK) vs screen (RGB) color
  • color hue and intensity characteristics of color
  • the color wheel (primary, secondary, tertiary [learned how to spell that], complementary, and analogous colors)
  • layers, texture, and contrast for visual interest

I was a bit overwhelmed watching a Linda.com class on color on all of the above. The instructor illustrates art for children’s books and taught color in an art class. Talk about intimidating.  There was SO much content to learn and while I’m crafty, I’m not sure I’m artsy.  However, the more I got to playing with color in this week’s assignment (a persona), the more I realized this can be fun. And the principals do help you make choices that work well together.

The color lessons was then combined with the typeset, grid, and other things we’ve learned in this class in our assignment to make a persona.  This is something I have done before, however not using all these elements.  I put last week’s typeset to work, applying the fonts I chose to the end product as well as some of the color and grid layout principals to get it looking nice.  Here is what I came up with. What do you think? I’m pretty proud.


Well, this is the last post for this first class. See ya next class!



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