Week #1, Class #2 – The Project Proposal

This week’s post comes to you from San Francisco. The kids and I are on vacation visiting my dad.  What a great time–hard to focus on class.  This week’s reading and assignments was on project proposals and deliverable items related to UXD.  Many of the things in the reading, I already do at work e.g., outline roles, hold stakeholder meetings, choosing the right deliverable items etc.

There were two very helpful sections in the reading though.  One was on comparisons of research methods (i.e., quantitative measurement of detailed tasks, surveys, focus groups, usability testing, individual interviews, direct observation, and interview plus observation) and then outlined what they were good for and then contrasted what they were NOT good for.

Another helpful read was a “cheat sheet” of sorts, that outlined summary of various stakeholder questions you could ask.  For example, you could ask sales stakeholders, “Why do customers buy a product like this one and what this one over a competitors?” This might help you understand what differentiates their product from another’s.  Or you could ask a support team member, “What problems do you see most often?” That might give you insight into current features that don’t work well for users and what to improve on. (Questions from Designing for the Digital Age by Goodwin).

Homework this week is to creating a project proposal for the work that we’ll be doing for the next six weeks of this class. We will be imagining we working with a fictitious software company to redesign a Reminder/To-do app.  The company wants to hire us for user research and design to help them figure out what users to focus on, what problems they need to solve, and how to solve them. Should be a fun six weeks. Stay tuned….


san franHere I am on the waterfront headed towards Pier 39.


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