Class #2, Week #3 – Imagining and Critiquing Design Solutions

This week we built on last week by building a workflow of using reminders and then added wire frames to illustrate our suggested feedback and features from our user research sessions.  Here is mine. Our peers will be critiquing it, we’ll see what feedback I get from that. What do you think? Leave me a comment below.


Getting and giving critiques can be challenging.  I actually appreciate it because I want to know if I have done something wrong, if there are better ways to do something, or if something doesn’t make sense.  And I hope others would want to know the same when I give them a critique.  That said, it is really all in the delivery.  Everyone likes to hear the positive stuff that they have done well too and that should also be part of any critique.  Then get into the suggestions for improvement after that.  And ALWAYS give a suggestion and use examples so the receiver understands the suggestions.  And be fair and concrete, avoid subjective statements like to “it’s unclear”. Instead explain what seems unclear and why (“the paragraph of text has run on sentences making the topic unclear”).

Worst criticism I received was on things that were not even in my control.  But I thanks for the feedback anyways and said I’d forward it on.  The best critique was on a website redesign which I got critique from user experience “experts”, of which at the time I was not.  They gave specifics I had done well and commented that I had a natural talent. That was GREAT to hear!

Stay tuned for next week’s post. Thanks for following along on my journey.



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