Class #2 Week#5 – Conducting A Design Assessment and Iterating Your Design

This week we video-taped 4 users asking them to perform tasks that supported our low-fi paper prototypes (see last week’s post) and captured their reactions to our design and let us know if our designs were effective.  It was a very cool process using those paper prototypes. I had not done that before.  Normally, I just use mocked up screens in a presentation or actual online prototypes.  This seems like a method that could save a LOT of time and money for companies to do FIRST!  

(image only, not link to video)

My users gave great feedback on the prototypes I developed and could successfully do all the tasks. I got great insight into what was confusing and could use more work. I also got other new insight into other features and ideas.  I am glad I chose a few other people to interview as well–got more variety.

Here are the results to share with my stakeholders. Take a look and tell me what you think of the results and my presentation of them. I even pulled in previous week’s work on design tenets, personas, font typeface, colors, and design we previously learned. It’s all coming together pretty well. And looking pretty cool. Don’t you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next week…



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